UpComing Projects
Indian Real Estate Market is in its full swing with residential developments, malls,commercial centers, IT hubs. The demand for houses has increased with increase in population and the real estate developers are building luxurious as well as affordable projects to meet this rising demand. India is also a commercial hub and along with the IT centers, many shopping malls and other recreational centers are coming up as well.

Indian Real Estate Market is a lucrative field for the international players to make large scale investments. The outsourcing of high-end jobs to India have initiated many Non-Resident Indians (NRI) to come back to the country and there is a growing demand for international quality real estate space in both the A-grade and B-grade cities. The fast growth of the Indian realty market boosted the allied industries like metallurgy, raw materials, home decoration, electrical appliances, and finance. This again in turn opened a new arena of opportunities for the Indian market economy. The Indian Real Estate Market is facilitated with the development of Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in India. Moreover, the exploration of the IPO market by the real estate developers, the flowing of large foreign direct investments (FDI) and the entry of venture funds into the Indian real estate sector have led to further boosting of the Indian Real Estate Market. Indian market accommodates both large and small realty builders.